Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Letter To Me

I think this is something everyone should do. Once a year, I try to write to my future self. I want to lay out expectations, hopes, dreams, and so on. In a few years when I look back on it, I can see the differences.


Hey Kylee, 
Once we get past the initial awkward portion of the letter where I feel like a crazy person, we can begin. K, now that that's over! 

This year has been pretty crazy for you. You graduated from college, started a job -- then started an even better one after that. You and Jacob bought a house, and then found yourself pregnant. Haha, surprise!! 

As usual, you are trying to be better. You really your job and you also want to be a SAHM, so there's conflicting viewpoints there. You want to update and change the house. Really, you just want to feel comfortable and "finished" with the house. That's not going to happen until you settle on a style that you like! You're so indecisive. 

Your marriage is doing really well today. Of course there are rough patches for you both, like the whole tag ticket debacle that happened today. (Remind Jacob of that... he'll probably wish you would just forget about it). But you two are in love and going stronger than ever. 

He's so excited about becoming a dad. I know deep down that it's what is meant for you both. The baby is growing very well. I am about 19 weeks pregnant now. We don't know the sex yet. 

At the moment, I'm so worried about being a good mom. It's already hard for me because I love this baby so so much that I'm worried about doing a good job. I already don't want to leave the baby with someone else. I already just want to hold that sweet little thing in my arms and never ever let go. Something inside of me knows that I will love this baby more than anything I've ever loved. 

This year your dad was diagnosed with Cancer. That was rough. For the whole family. It was hard to see the strongest man you know become weaker. Please go give your future dad a kiss from the past kylee for me. I can say that you have seen the power of true prayer and pure determination. Our God is truly amazing. 

I guess I expect that by this time next year, you'll be listening to Christmas music watching your son or daughter crawl around and your hubs chase them around. You'll be wondering where the time went. I'm pretty sure that here in the past, you just felt the baby move. Apparently, it likes (or dislikes for all I know) Michael Buble's Christmas music. 

I hope that you have done a few things with your life. I hope that you are okay with the daycare you chose, and you and Jacob have jobs that you love. I hope that you aren't stressed. I hope that you are pouring yourself into your marriage and into your child. I hope you remember how happy you are right now (very). 

I really hope that everyone is doing well, and life has delighted you in this year(s).