Sincerely, Kylee started in September 2011.
This is just a simple way for me to express myself.

Some months I may have very little to say or post.
Others, you may be wanting me to shut my hole!
But I always approach blogging with the most sincerity I have.

I want to share my experiences so that they could help someone.
I want to make you laugh.
I want to glorify God with the words that are displayed on this blog.

There is nothing spectacular about me or what I do.
I don't cook extraordinary dinners, or make cute cupcakes.
Most things I attempt to DIY end up half done and janky.
My advice is so so. My fashion sense is non existent.
But, again-- I can promise you one thing here:

Meet my family here
Read my testimony here
Pray for your blog. Read my blog's prayer here

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