My Family

Meet my family:

Jacob, my wonderful sexy beast of a husband. 
*See "Number Two" tab for the whole story on how we met and fell in love and all that jazz. :)

Janie: Our oldest pup. 

Story: I got a call from my sister, who had a friend, who had a puppy that needed a home. She was 8 months old when we got her to our home. Up to that point, Janie spent most of her days locked in a crate. Needless to say, we had our work cut out for us. She has some behavioral issues, but she is the greatest! We knew she needed a friend and that brings us to Pup number 2. 

Optimus: Sweet little Opti. 

Story: We knew Janie needed a friend. A friend that was of her size. Janie is 5 lbs. We got Optimus when he was a couple months old. He was soo little! He wakes up every morning around 6, and begs to be let outside. Did I mention he was our "sweet little Opti"? He can never get comfortable. He snores. And best of all, he makes Chewbacca sounds.