Saturday, November 3, 2012

My First Letter to Little One

Hey there Little One, 

I've had a lot going on lately, and so many emotions filling me this week. I HEARD your little heartbeat on Thursday. I didn't know it was going to affect me like it did. As soon as my midwife put the "heartbeat wand" (my definition, clearly.) on my belly, I heard your heart. It's good and strong, and so perfect. It took all of my strength not to break down and cry with joy in the appointment. 

Oh Little One, I hope you can feel how much love I already have for you. I'm crying like a baby just thinking about it. Until now, I didn't think I would ever love someone as much as I love your father, but I know now that I was wrong. I love you so much. 

I've had lots of morning sickness up until now. I'm so thankful that I'm getting a rest from that. I can hardly stand how bad I want to know if you are a boy or a girl. We find out next month. I think you're a girl, and Dad thinks you're a boy. We don't care either way, we just want you healthy. But if you are a girl, will you please be a no-drama type of girl? That's our my biggest fear, that you will be half as much drama as my sisters and I were. If you're a boy can you please refrain from being a 'typical boy' and peeing on me and everything? (That's what we are getting when people talk about their baby boys! They just say that they pee... on everything.)

I just talked to your Aunt Chelsey and she thinks you are a boy too. She says she wishes that you are a girl so that Tinley will have someone to play with. I told her that even if you are a boy, Tinley will still have a younger cousin to play with. There are lots of babies in our family, Little One. Aunt Chelsey and Tinley, Aunt Lindsay and her baby boy, cousin Jezzni and cousin Melissa! So many little playmates for you. Family gatherings are going to be so fun! 

I could go on and on with talking to you. Just know that I love you so deeply. I can't wait to have you in my arms, Little One. 

Love you, Little One. 
-Mom (Ahh!! That's the first time I referred to myself as "Mom"! Ahhhhh....)

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