Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Couponing and Grocery Goal

So, I've been couponing for about 3 weeks now. I love it. It's so worth it.

In case you're wondering, I use She does all of the work for me. :P

Since Jacob and I are frantically trying to save money to buy our first home, I am cutting our grocery bill in half (not an exaggeration). I'm trying to spend less than $30/week for one whole week of food. That's 7 dinners, 7 lunches, 7 breakfasts, and 7 snacks... for two people. It's going to be awesome if it can actually be done. Here are my lists.

Couponing Lists:

Pompeian Olive Oil- $0.25 after coupon
Land O Frost Premium Honey Ham- $1.99 after coupon
Nabisco Crackers- $2.00 for 2 after coupon
Mt. Olive Pickels- $0.50 after coupon
Wish Bone Dressing- $0.60 after coupon
Rotel Zesty Tomato Sauce- $0.59 after coupon
Honey Nut Cheerios- $4.00 for 2 after coupon
Crest Mouthwash- $1.29 after coupon
Manwich and Sara Lee Buns- FREE manwich with the cost of buns.
Kraft cheese slices- $1.33 after coupon
Hormel Chili- $0.70 after coupon
Johnsonville Brats- $2.99 after coupon

My Actual Shopping List: 
2 onions
Chopped Pecans
Hot Dogs
Can of Black Beans
Yellow Cake pkg
Hot Dog Buns
Frozen Corn
Cream Cheese
Shredded Cheese

What's on the menu??
(Keep in mind, I have some ingredients in my kitchen)

Frosted Mini Wheats
Eggs and Toast
Banana Nut Bread

Ham and cheese melts/rollups
Turkey sandwich
Baked Chicken Nuggets with Mac N Chz
Eat Out

Manwich with Broccoli
Balsamic Chicken - with mixed veggies
Brats with BBQ - with corn on the cob
Chili dogs- with broccoli
Crock Pot Taco Soup
1/2 price Sonic Burgers

Gummy Bears :P
Wheat Thins
Deli Rollups
Cup O Noodles
Dreamy Clusters


Aimee said...

Good for you. I've never tried couponing, it seems like it would take too much time for me, but I do want to try price matching at walmart (I dont think they have the best quality produce, but you cant beat their price matching, specially if all the shopping can get done in one place).

Anyway, good luck on saving to buy a home. My husband and I just bought our first home about 2 months ago, so if you have any questions, I'd love to answer them! You can contact me one of these ways :)

The Belflower breakdown said...

That is awesome. I still have the mindset that to do coupons is a time consuming thing. I will check out that site though!

Bonny Blackmon said...

I am telling myself that I will start that in May! I hope it works out for you!!

Mae West said...

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! keep us posted on how much you save through a months time. GOOD LUCK!

Kenzie Heidelberg said...

Girl, this is so cool! I have heard about a couple of my friends try it out but I loved seeing the results you got! And you actually got things that sound yummy!

I agree with Mae, keep us posted!

KaciDawn said...

I love Coupons!

I need you to be my mom about this too lol

laura alsobrook said...

I wish I had time to do this.... I feel like I would save a lot of money....I will check out the site you posted maybe that will help....who knows one day you could be on extreme couponers on TLC!

Okie Prof said...

Fascinating, and well written.

CourtneyMegan said...

Wow, this makes me want to save and use coupons!

Aimee from said...

So proud of you!!!! It's amazing what a bit of time & effort can make to your total savings. About once a quarter I buy several newspapers, stock up on all of our household/bathroom goods and then stop until our pile is low again! We shop at a store here called Fresh&Easy that doesn't take coupons but it is so inexpensive to shop there for our family of 4.

Keep it up!!! :)

Jamie said...

You can do it! It's tough....I'm right there with ya!

okluschen said...

Gummy Bears! That's what's up.

Kimberly Bonham said...

Me and the Mr. LOVE couponing!
It's sooo worth it! Last month we spent over $250 and walked out spending only around $125 thanks to our coupons!