Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let Me Design Your Blog!

Okay, so this is a Sincerely, Kylee first! 

Starting now, I will be offering a CUSTOM blogger blog designs for just $50. This is a completely customized design, we will talk about what you want/like and you will get it! 

The reason why this is so cheap is because I really want to see if there's anyone interested in letting me design their blog, and I am graduating soon-- I would love to make blog design a paid hobby. 

I have designed my blog from the beginning. I'm not a certified graphic designer, but I think I have sufficient skills/experience to do your blog design! 

Hurry and email me at sincerelykylee(at)gmail(dot)com, I'm only doing two custom designs in April. 

*You can expect quality and COMPLETE satisfaction with your blog's design. You do not pay me until you're satisfied. 

1 comment:

Liesl said...

Good luck with blog designing...I'm going into that too, but simply LOVE your designs and know anyone would be lucky to have it designed by you! Yay!!! :)