Monday, November 19, 2012

Coffee Date

Today, I'm linking up with Casey over at The Wiegand's. This is my first time on linking up with this post of hers so I don't know if you're supposed to write a different type of post or like what she has, so I'm going with like what she has. 

Coffee Date...

If you came to my house right now for a coffee date I would invite you in and you would instantly be greeted by my two dogs, Optimus and Janie. 

I would tell you that we have been working on their greeting methods lately, but they still get VERY excited while meeting new people. 

I would ask if you wanted coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or caffeine free pepsi. I would drink water. I have been trying to eat and drink healthier lately because of the baby. 

I would ask you how things are going with you. How is your walk with Jesus going? 

I would tell you that Jacob and I have seen so little of each other that we've been having mini bible study sessions through notes. He's always so sweet in the note and then he gives us a passage and talks about it. 

I would tell you that the baby is growing and how weird I've felt lately. I was so sick for a while and now that the sickness has passed, I almost don't feel pregnant. 

I would tell you that I have been thinking about the moment that I get to meet my child for the first time brings me to tears every time I think about it. 

I would ask you if you were comfortable. Our house is old and it tends to get really warm and really cold. Need a blanket? 

I would tell you that I'm going to start decorating for Christmas on Saturday. When are you decorating? Have you gotten all of your shopping done? 

I haven't finished my shopping. And as per usual money is a little tight around here this year, and I want to bless everyone with an amazing gift. I will most likely save money by making a few creative gifts. 

I would tell you my fears. I don't know how good of a mother I will be. I don't know what we're doing about daycare. We can barely take care of ourselves, how are we supposed to take care of a baby? 

I would finish with a prayer for faith. What can I pray for you about? 

I enjoyed our time. See you soon. 

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Francis said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! It's so exciting. I just had my third girl 2 weeks ago.