Sunday, July 24, 2011

Add a vignette to your photo using photoshop: 5 steps, very easy!

A vignette is the perfect way to finish off a picture. The focus is drawn away from the corners and on to the subject, making them "pop" in a way. 

Add a vignette to any photo in no time at all. Here are the steps: 

1)Open the photo in photoshop. 

2)Do any editing you want or had planned for your photograph. For mine, I simply added a logo. 

3)Under the layers menu choose "Flatten Image" 

4) Then, under the Filter menu, choose "Lens Correction"

4 CON'T:  It will bring up a screen that looks like this:

5) Switch the tab to "custom":

It will look like this: 

*From there you can slide the arrows around until the picture looks the way you want. 

Here is my finished photo: 



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