Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sushi Extravaganza

I made sushi for the first time ever this week. It went really well. I took pics along the way to share the experience. I will only get better at making it, but here is what I learned. 
1)The rice is sticky
2) I pay WAY TOO MUCH MONEY for a roll of sushi at Target and other places. 

Minus the start up of about $85, sushi is incredibly inexpensive. We bought a rice steamer/cooker/thing at the asian market (super awesome place btw). 

I recommend this brand. 

Here are the other ingredients we bought at the asian market:

1)Super Sticky Rice 

(if you can't find this rice, buy another SHORT grain rice)

2) Seaweed. After our first experience, I think next time we'll buy smaller sheets. 

3) Salt and Vinegar stuff (I really think this is necessary, but you may think differently. It really compliments whatever you put into the roll). 

4)And the sushi rolling mat. Whatever kind you get make sure that one side of the mat is flat, and the other is rounded. All of the sushi makin' people tell you to watch for this detail. 

And here are all of the ingredients (plus an iPad because that's how we learned... youTube, duh).

Thanks to Make my  we successfully made sushi for four people. I would say that makes us pros! 
Here's how we did it: 

   We cooked four cups of rice in the aforementioned rice cooker. 
   Made spicy mayonaise
   Made 4-5 rolls of AWESOME sushi. 
While the rice is cooking you'll have to prep some items. We put crab, salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, and avocado in the rolls. 
Cream Cheese 
and the spicy mayonnaise. 

How to make spicy mayonnaise:
1 Tbs. real mayonnaise
1 tsp. siracha hot chili sauce

Mix it together and put it in a baggy to cut a corner out of and squirt it over the sushi. 

Now to the sushi making. It's important to note that this WAS MY FIRST TIME! 
*IMPORTANT: Keep your hands wet while handling the sushi rice, it's sticky! 

   Once the rice is cooked fold in the seasoning in the orange package (pictured above). 
   Then, on a PLASTIC WRAPED sushi mat lay the seaweed down rougher side up. 
   With wet hands make a ball shape with your rice, and place it on the seaweed. 
   DON'T squish the rice rice down, but spread it across the seaweed all except like a 2cm edge.
   Using the mat, roll the sushi, nice and tight. 
   Slice it and top with spicy mayonnaise. 
The end result: 

Next time we're going to put more stuff inside the roll. 

Not too bad for my very first experience! It was yummy, and I will tell you when I MASTER it. That sushi got pwnd! 


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