Friday, July 22, 2011

Status Quo

We had a guest speaker in my "Personal Selling" class. This class is very interesting in that it has basically taught me how to deflect salesmen. With everything in life, not just sales, there is a so called status quo. We have had 3 other guest speakers in this class, and they have all been VERY successful salesmen, but they all fit into the mold of salesmen I have in my frame of reference.

This guest speaker was charismatic and a pretty groovy speaker, but there was something about him that was different from the previous 3 speakers. I figured out what was different about him within the hour of him speaking, it was sincerity.

In my major, 60% of all advertising graduates will go into sales. (Hints the reason why I'm taking this class). Up until today, I have been discouraged with the idea of going into sales. Today that changed.

Today I got to see a glimpse of hope within the world of sales for me. What Ben, the guest speaker, said that really hit home for me was, "YOU DON'T HAVE TO SELL LIKE EVERYONE ELSE SELLS."

He also said that there are SO MANY FREAKIN' LAZY PEOPLE out there that it really doesn't take that much work to outshine the majority. Seriously... 

What the what?! You mean everything I'm learning (1+1=2) can be used differently? I now have a goal; if I go into sales (which is probable), I'm going to sell the way that is personal to me. I'm going to be a sincere, aggressive, and overall good person.

I'm over the cookie cutter salesman, I'm going to be the dang BROWNIE of salesmen. (Btw, I'm saying salesman because I don't care to be equal. Men are men and women are women, we are all people, and in the end I don't care if someone calls me a salesman).

Basically what I learned and what I'm stressing is that in whatever you are doing, there are millions of people doing it too (i.e. the status quo). If you put forth more effort than what is necessary, you will be the flower among grass.

BE THE FLOWER! BE THE FLOWER! lol... or at least just be a weirdo.


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Ashley said...

I'm the weirdo! I'm the weirdo! :0)