Thursday, January 19, 2012

FYE: A Pic for Your Entertainment

I've had baby fever for a while, and this helps me realize that I can wait. :P 
I can wait because I have a fluffy child already! 

This is Optimus, our youngest puppy. He's such a snuggler. <3


Jill said...

When I was 26, I knew my maternal instinct had kicked in because I HAD to have a dog - Libby, my now nine year old springer spaniel.
Yep, you're probably getting ready to be a mama :) ...which is of course the most amazing, best thing in the whole world!!!

Bonny Blackmon said...

It's even worse when you are single! Babies are just too cute, well most of them. I have a close friend that has a baby and I call him my surrogate child. So far, that has worked for me! :)