Monday, January 2, 2012

Jeremiah 29:11,13

I saw this on Eisy Morgan today, and I thought I just had to copy.


  • Is there anyone whose forgiveness you need to seek?
  • -- My hubs comes to mind. He's been so supportive through everything I've tried to do this past year. I know that I can answer his support better this year. I'm going to work on supporting him and trusting him no matter what. 

  • Is there anyone you need to forgive?
  • -- I battled with this a lot in 2011. I feel like the ghosts of my past are subdued, but they seem to creep up. So as of now, there is just one person I need to forgive. So, right now, it's worth more to let it go than to hang on to it. This year doesn't need more weight to carry around and lose. 

  • Where is the clutter in my life?
  • -- The clutter is all around me. Jacob and I are working on so much at once. We're saving, going to school, finding work, living with his brother, looking for a house to live in, and trying to keep our marriage afloat. 

  • What caused me the most stress in 2011? How am I going to fix that in 2012?
  • --Our living situation and our finances caused me the most stress in 2011. But we've recently changed the way we are budgeting (Jacob is now in total control, the way it should be). We are going to move to our own home this year. I can't wait!!


  • Am I closer to God today than January 1?
  • -- I feel like I'm about a tiny step closer, by the end of the day I've taken a little baby step back. 

  • What‟s my spiritual growth process for 2012?
  • -- Jacob and I are in need of reform in our process. 

  • Have you scheduled your times with God for January? All of 2012?
  • -- Yes. 


  • Would you rate your marriage a 10? Would your spouse (you might want to ask over a nice dinner)? If it‟s not a 10 ask this question “What would it take in 2012 to make it a 10?”
  • -- It's not a 10. We aren't satisfied with mediocre. We are always in "improve mode". 

  • Same question for each of your kids?
  • -- I don't have kids. I want them... but don't have them... yet!

  • Have you scheduled your date nights for January?
  • -- No. We haven't. Since we are saving nazis at the moment, we will have to get creative with our dates. 


  • How much do I weigh? Is that OK?
  • -- It's not okay. 2012 is the year for Jacob and I to get healthy. There are no excuses, it's time. 

  • Do I have a Physical Scheduled between now and March 31?
  • -- No, I doubt I will do that. Sorry. 

  • What‟s my major physical focus area for 2012?
  • -- Lifestyle change. Not fads. 


  • Are my finances in order?
  • -- We are working on it. Let's just say we're more in order than we were yesterday! :)

  • Do I have debt beyond my mortgage?
  • -- haha! We're working on getting a mortgage. 

  • Am I stuck in a weird mortgage?
  • -- I would give my pinky toe for a "weird" mortgage.

  • Should I make a year end sacrificial offering to my church?


  • What are my reading goals for 2012?
  • --Textbooks, textbooks, textbooks! :D 

  • What am I most curious about? How am I going to answer that curiosity?
  • -- I'm curious about cooking. I'm going to learn more about that this year. 

  • What seminars am I planning on attending this year?
  • -- I would love to attend BlogHer!  But for sure I will attend a couple of research seminars. 


Ashley said...

Love this! Thinking about stealing it as well. Love you, sis!

Liesl said...

I love how so many posted their resolutions or plans for the future and it is so much fun reading others, which inspire mine! Love the thought of forgiving if there is anyone where this needs to be done...great one! Hope you are having a Marvelous Monday, Kylee!

Liesl :)