Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Blog Design!!

I've been working on a new blog design for a while now. 
I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm REALLY silly about the design here. One day I will like something, then the next I like something new. I know I just need to cool it, but I can't! 
I'm a mad man when it comes to making up my mind. 

I'm pretty sure I need to be in therapy for a number of things. 

Here's what I'm sure of: 

Oh, and here is a picture... just for fun. 

That's sweet Optimus. He looks like just a nose. lol. 


Kim Sasse said...

I like the new blog design! I'm the same way.. always changing my blog. Is that a shih tzu?


Lauren @ Summit St Joy said...

Yes, I understand!!! I feel super ADD with my blog design... every time I think "this is IT!" I go nutty & start changing it up again. Craziness. Glad to have found you :) following - would love for you to follow over at and

Jamie said...

me too!!!! seriously. :)