Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Do You Blog?

Technorati did their annual "State of the Blogosphere" study for 2011. 

Here are three things I got from this article:
1. Hobby bloggers (which is what I consider myself) determine the success of their blog by "personal satisfaction". 

2. The main reason why hobby bloggers blog is to "speak their mind in their area of interest". 

3. And, finally, hobby bloggers have experienced positive impact in their lives by expressing and learning more about their passion areas. 
**Why do you blog? Do you relate to the information above?? 


Stesha said...

This so interesting. Thank you for sharing. I love it!!

Classic & Bubbly

Nicole Pyles said...

I don't know if I consider myself a hobby blogger, so I took a look at the "Professional Part Time" bloggers (because I do work for other bloggers and get paid money to post to their site), and I do find that while I do measure success of my blog with how satisfied I am with it, I more base it on how many new readers I get and how many comments I get...but I have definitely met some awesome people through blogging and it's been so worth it. More work than I ever thought, but worth it!

Jamie said...

so interesting! love it. :) nice to know i'm not alone in the "personal satisfaction" and "motivation" categories.

Faith {the-life-of-faith} said...

Hi Kylee, I'm a friend through the Christian Ladies group on Facebook and now a follower of your blog! I definitely fit into the first category of bloggers as well;)