Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's On My Heart.

I am disconnected from the situation, but not by much. 

Once upon a time, there were two young kids in love with the wrong people. 

One, 22, a recent college graduate married a city woman and moved her into the country. 

One, 17, married to the father of the child she had in her. 

Years passed. 

The city woman grew tired of the country side. 

The young mother grew tired of an absentee father. 

They divorced. 

But, they found their happy ever after in each other. 

Even longer into the future, 

The young mother's oldest child, marries the father of the child she had in her. 

14 years later, they divorce. 

I hate this cycle. 

I really feel like it doesn't have to be like this, but it is. 
People get divorced. Families are torn apart. And the cycle continues. Seriously, when does it end?  

*Will you be the first to BREAK the generational curse on your family??

-I will. 

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Sarah said...

Good for you, girl! I deal with this in my family as well! I'll be praying for you and for a strong, Christ centered marriage!