Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awesomely Awkward Guest Post and a DISCOUNT!

Good Thursday to you all! I have a treat for you, Jamie from Awesomely Awkward is here. THIS IS REAL EXCITEMENT. :P 
Not only does this girl make some seriously cute headbands, she's also very kind and genuine. 
Take it away, sister! 

Hi there everyone.
My name is Jamie over from Awesomely-Awkward...
Kylee was nice enough to let me do a guest post for her and I am super excited.
I am new to the blog world but I am loving every minute of it.
Who are you and why should I read this post you ask?
Well let me tell you.
My name is Jamie, even though I believe we already covered that.
I am a wife, a mother to a beautiful fur baby, a hard worker, an etsy shop owner, a new blogger, let's just say I wear many hats. I'm scatterbrained, love Reese's peanut butter cups, have a weird obsession with jewelry and headbands (explains the etsy shop), and constantly talk to myself... or my cat. That's me in a teeny tiny nutshell.
My life is not perfect... There are plenty of awkward, crazy, irrational moments.
I decided to start my blog because I like to talk... a lot.
I have plenty of awesome and even more awkward moments to share with everyone.
My blog is my daily thoughts. It's a personal journal that I have decided to share with the world, or at least anyone willing to read it.
Are you still reading? Good.
Come join me... because sometimes life is awkward. Is there any better reason?
Oh and just for sitting through this ridiculous post with me gabbing on and on... I am offering a %10 discount to my shop.
Just enter code "KYLEE" at checkout.

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