Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Power of Advertising

We all can hate the word "Advertising" as much as we want... that won't stop you from being exposed to it. If you think about it, everything you own has come from some form of recommendation that is advertising.

We bought our furniture from (enter local furniture store here) because we heard they were having a sale.
How did you hear they were having a sale? Commercial? Sign outside of the store? A friend told you about it? All of these are forms of advertising.

I'm an advertising major, marketing minor at school. Let me tell you the four main themes I see in nearly every ad class I have.

1)Find your target market/audience.
These are the people that have a need or a want to use your product or service. Example: If I sold a bow for a child, my target audience is those who want a bow for their daughter/niece/whatever. Not only do they have to want it, they have to have the abilities to buy it (i.e. MONEY HONEY!).

2) After you've found your target audience, find out what communication style works best for them.
Example: If I were selling cute bows for little girls do you think the ladies wanting these bows would rather see a cute picture of the bow, or a detailed graph on why your child should wear a bow? Probably a picture> Am I right?

3) After you decide how you are going to communicate your message, you have got to find where your target audience/market congregates.
Example: Back to the bow idea, do you think that the ladies (assuming ladies are our target market) would congregate at an outdoor sports facility? Or possibly at the mall? (Sorry women, but this is where most of us congregate, we are the primary decision-makers when it comes to buying clothing. > Am I right?)

4) And Finally, tell your audience what you want to tell them. This comes back to communication. Example: Bow idea; I want my audience to know that I have the most adorable little bows for sale, at a lower price than my competitors. That's most likely what I'm going to want in my ad. >Am I right??

So why am I rambling on about this? I've entered a giveaway for free ad sponsorship from

I really want to change the negative image that people have about advertising. We all use it, we're all exposed to it, now it's time to really think about what it can do for your life.
>Am I right?

I hope this doesn't sound horrible. If anything else, you can use this information to avoid advertisements!

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