Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tree Through The Window

I'm from Oklahoma. We've been having 40+ days above 100 degrees and with no rain

This week it rained. This week it STORMED! 

We've been in one of the worst droughts since the depression era, so storms are welcome. 

But with storms comes damage, inevitably.

One of the storms from this week had what they call "straight winds". These are damaging winds without it being a tornado. The winds were 90+ mph. FUN STUFF. (Sarcasm)

Peoples roofs were ripped off, trampolines were flung into other yards, and trees were ripped from the roots and blown over. 

My best friend lives in a duplex not far from where the worst of the storm damage occurred. 

She had 3-4 trees in her front yard, about 15 feet away from her bedroom window

At 4 a.m. the worst of the storm began howling at her window. 

She began to pray

For safety. 

She heard the first tree snap, and then the next. 

It was God's loving protection keeping her safe that night. 

The trees in her yard could've fell the opposite direction and be in her bedroom right now. 

But that didn't happen. 

Our God is a mighty God.

Sometimes it takes a tree NOT going through your window to see that. 

Here's some pics: 



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