Monday, October 17, 2011

Guest Post: {Motherhood} from Vivian from "A Dance for Five"

I'm so happy to be able to post here today in Kylee's blog. Isn't she awesome? My name is Vivian and I blog over at Dance for 5. This post is more about what it's like to be a mom of three little ones, and as hard as it may seem, if you think my hands are FULL, you should see my heart.


Can’t even tell you how many tries it took to get this picture. Mami NEVER wants anything in return. How can it be so much to ask for just one simple thing? I want ONE descent family picture of all of us! I’m so tired of sharing the same 2010 family picture: the last time we were all HAPPILY looking at the camera. 

Looks like we finally made it!

I gotta give credit to my girls. They aren’t the ones who make this task difficult. They love each other, they have a ton of fun with each other, and it shows. They are such naturals.

Even “Baby” has been trained very well.

The cause of my “affliction” it’s the little stinker: my son, who is a NO when it comes to pictures. And I mean a  BIG NO! See my hand under his chin? I’m trying so hard! You can’t tell by my smile but I’m totally faking it that I’m about to lose it. This is about attempt #10. I don’t dare posting publicly the extent of the bribery so that we could finally get  

My life as a mom is not easy, but it’s FULL of love, fun and the unexpected. For example, on a typical day, you will hear lines coming out of my kid’s mouths similar to these ( so you can get a remote idea on what their “crazy” personalities are like:

Kati: 7-yr-old girl  Toto: 5- yrd-old boy  Baby: 2-year-old-girl

"I think it's against the law to date before you're 16" –Kati (Whatever it takes to keep her focused, right? HA!)

"We're all in this TOGETHER!"  --Toto after demanding he was to be the LEADER in the corn maze

"I LOVE Paris! They have the best clothes there!" –Kati (Yes, she’s been there and her world revolves around fashion, and yes I know I’m in trouble, she is only 7)

"Mom, mom, look!" --Baby (she used to call me MAMI, the Spanish way, and the way she’s been taught and the way my other children call me. But now she calls her English grandma: Mami and her Colombian mom: MOM. Think they poor thing is confused? Poor bilingual kids (HA!)

"Don't drive fast, or we'll all go to JAIL" -- (Kati to her uncle when they got on the freeway) Hmmm, wonder who’s been telling them such things? As well as going to jail when you don’t buckle up, etc. What can I say? Sometimes there is no gray area for children, it’s all either black or white…

"Do you like Manchester or Barcelona?" --Toto (he knows more about soccer than our entire extended family together)

"Let's play truth or dare. Ok, Truth or dare?” Answer: “Dare.” “Ok, now you dare me to do something." –Kati (she loves playing 'dare' and the rules are ALWAYS different, ha ha)

If you chose “Dare” something like this will unfold: "I dare you to go to the store and buy me something!" --Kati as you are passing Target (Yes, her life revolves around shopping, too. Once again I’m in trouble!)

I just LOVE being a mom and I highly recommend it! (Seriously!)


Liz @ said...

Aww... i love vivian, and i love your blog, kylee!!! it looks great!

Judy Haughton-James said...

Very interesting post with beautiful pictures Vivian.Hi Kylee, I love your
Blog and I am a new Follower here and on Facebook.

Courtney B said...

Vivan, these pictures are sooo adorable! Ah you have the cutest family!