Sunday, October 9, 2011

YouTube: The good, and the awesome!


I would love to talk about the powerhouse, YouTube. We're talking about how businesses, bloggers, people have been using YouTube for basically anything. 

More specifically businesses have been using YouTube to market to good 'ol consumers just like you and me. 

Did you know folger's made a commercial specifically for YouTube. That's right, they didn't even have to buy airtime or interrupt your favorite shows. They simply made a commercial and put it out there. 
You can view that commercial if you want, it's kinda creepy if you ask me. 

There are other companies like Doritos and Pepsi, who have contests where people will actually make their commercial for them. Then people watch them and vote who is best. The winner's commercial was shown during the super bowl.  This is a huge hit with my generation. 

Every time someone watched one of those videos they were actually being marketed to, and the company didn't have to do ANYTHING, talk about easy stuff. 

So, my question is-- What company does it best? What business do you think really rules the YouTube world??

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liquor store said...

I think those pepsi and doritos contests put them in the lead. cuz not only do you save on your advertising cost but the crazy amount of word of mouth that comes with hosting the contest. all the companies had to do was promote the contest and i think the prize was super bowl tickets, but the cost compared to that over a national advertising campaign was a lot cheaper.