Saturday, October 15, 2011

Interview with Claire from "The Daily Claire"

I'm so excited to have Claire here from "The Daily Claire" 
She's so so talented, here's just a small example of what she's capable of:

Talk about awesome! 
So, here's Claire. 
Follow her blog-- HERE -- and love it! 

1)   Can you tell us a little about yourself? 
     I'm a 20-something adopted Hoosier (I’m from Wisconsin, but moved to Indiana in the fall of ’05) who loves shopping and smiling.  I have a young heart and an old soul.  Coffee, naps and cheesecake are my greatest weaknesses.  I live in a shoebox apartment with my Hubs and our cat, Stormy.

    Why do you blog? 
     I started this blog right after graduating from college as creative outlet/place to share the little things that I make, try and sometimes fail at.  Blogging helps motivate me to try new things, get out of my comfort zone and also meet new people.   
    What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog? 
     I enjoy crafting, films, music, growing things, traveling, cooking and watching way too much Big Bang Theory.

    Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why? 
     I love the Adventures of Lesalina ( for her amazing sense of humor, wonderful writing style and ability to be cripplingly honest about herself and her life.   I’m continually inspired by Dollar Store Crafts, Mod Podge Rocks and Homework (  They challenge me to come up with new ways to use what I have and come up with beautiful things for less money.  I’m also a bit addicted to Love Maegan ( and her daily outfit posts.  Her blog challenges me to come up with new ways to wear what I have as well as great ways to build your wardrobe.
    Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post.  Name yours and why?  
     My least favorite would be any post that I felt I rushed through.  I hate rushing.  Favorite?  Probably my Tea Towel Curtains.  Not so much the post, but I just love the curtains!

    Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 on how weird you are, and why you rated yourself that number.
      I’m somewhere between a 5 and an 8, depending on how much caffeine I’ve had…5 being averagely weird and 8 being two red bulls weird.  I’ve been told I’m like a walking “Stumble Upon” in that you never know what is going to be going through my head…or why.

    What’s your ultimate goal for your blog?
     To share ideas and projects about cooking, crafting, beauty and shopping, focusing on making fabulous affordable!

    If you were a Star Wars or Star Trek character, who would you be?
    Of course the cool answer would be Princess Leia, but that would be a bit pretentious…so I’ll go with R2D2. I’m rounded, tenacious, and tend to make odd chirping noises when startled.

    Can you give us the link to your most popular post?

    Why do you think it’s so popular?  
      I think people like to find inexpensive natural products that are easy to use.  This honey mask is all of the above.  Affordable, natural and simple!


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