Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome Caroline from "Everybody Behave Naturally"

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
 Well as stated above, I LOVE Jesus, am a full time student and work in the library. I am kinda strange, weird, and very awkward. But not awkward as in socially awkward, more like the fact that I can cause and do experience A LOT of awkward moments. ADDICTED TO COFFEE. Nuff said right there.

2)   Why do you blog?
It all started after I saw The Perfect Man with Heather Locklear and Hilary Duff. Duff’s character blogged and I thought to my self “oh hey. That looks like fun.” So in 2009, when I was 16, I started my blog. But please, don’t go and read those posts. That’s embarrassing. Now I see how fun blogging can be and how successful people can get with them, so I would like to reach that point doing something I enjoy!

3)   What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog? 
School work and work work. Drink coffee. Jam to tunes, ya know…the usual.

4)   Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why? 
Um….definately she is someone I have know for a really long time and she is so entertaining to read. My friend/ person I look up to @ also have known her since I was little and I am constantly encouraged by what she writes about.

5)   Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post. Name yours and why? 
My least favorite post would probably be whatever some of my first posts where. I sound like a total retard and like I don’t know how to write, which trust me folks, I DO KNOW HOW TO WRITE. My favorite post would be any onf the posts that are labeled awkward and awesome, just plain awkward. I laugh at my self. J

6)   Rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 on how weird you are, and why you rated yourself that number.
10…REALLY  weird. I can’t explain exactly why. You should ask my friends that question. hahahaha

7)   What’s your ultimate goal for your blog? 
Don’t really have an ultimate goal, expect to be encouraging, entertaining with what I write.

8)   Who do you relate most to on Friends?
I don’t ever watch friends. I’m more of a Smallville kind of person I guess.

9)   Can you give us the link to your most popular post?

10)                   Why do you think it’s so popular? It’s possibly because I used a katy perry song to title it…..otherwise, I have no idea. 


Anonymous said...

She sounds like such a fun girl! Definitely visiting her blog :)

Amanda said...

She's cute!! As for Friends - I am totally totally totally Monica. Can we say OCD control freak with a secret messy closet? All but the cooking thing....I'm not a cook.