Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thoughts on expanding... a little

Lately I have been praying for a "purpose". 
I know God isn't like a vending machine, so I'm okay with waiting for answers. 
Being diligent in praying hasn't been my strong suit. 
I'm VERY impatient. 
But lately, my impatience has been weighing on me. 

I've been getting attacked, and I'm attacking myself. 
My biggest weakness is not feeling "good enough" 
Here's my thought process: 
"I suck today, what's my deal?" 
--> (Me answering my own thoughts: "well you always suck, this isn't a surprise"
"Yea... but maybe if I just..."
---> "Just what? Just nothing. You will fail at anything you're trying to do." 

I've been afraid to really harness my talents lately.
You see, I'm a perfectionist. (I KNOW SHOCKER RIGHT!) 
So when I think about pursuing a new idea, I will stop and think if I can't do it to my best ability-- then why do it at all? 

It's this crap that keeps me from really being a powerhouse at anything. 
I learn what I can about a lot of things and stay away from being "awesome" at one thing. 

I've been thinking about expanding my blog stuff to include some design stuff. 
Not like blog design-- because I just "wing it" in that department. 
But newsletter, advertisement, and button design. 
Here's an example of a newsletter I've done recently: 

Where I work, I design a lot of newspaper ads. But I know how to design just about any type of ad you can think of! Here's and example:

Do you think I'm thinking about pursuing something useless? What are your experiences with doubt and "taking the plunge" into expansion?

Any advice is welcome! 


Meg {henninglove} said...

no no not useless if you are using the talents that God gave your Kylee and He will provide more opportunities when He knows you are using the talents He provided more and more. go for it girl!! He will lead you and you can do it because He is paving the way :-)

Danielle said...

I would say if you have a passion for something then you should go for it! I'm actually in the dark about making buttons for my blog and am starting a new series that needs one, so if you really do want to get started with that...I'm your girl!

But either way, I say go for it!

Siri Natalia said...

Kylee you definitely have a design talent! Go for it and don't hold back! :) You can accomplish great things!

Liz @ said...

hello, to me!!! that is how i am to a T. why do you think i waited to really try to 'market' my blog? because before i even did that i told myself no one wanted to read what i had to say. i think all perfectionists talk to themselves like that. :)
you're awesome and we all adore you. :)
i need a new blog header (i know you said you weren't doing blog design, but i thought i'd mention it). let me know if you're interested. no problem if you're not. :)
keep it up!!

Erin said...

Here are my thoughts: I think you are amazing and anything you believe you can do, you can do. I also have been dealing with that negative self talk recently. We get out of life what we EXPECT to get. Why not have great expectations? Tell yourself you are going to do design, you are going to kick some major booty doing it, and just do it. I think you are so talented. Like seriously-everytime I come to your blog my brain says "Gosh, her blog is so cute..she did a great job". So no, I don't think it is useless. I say GO FOR IT :) I am here to support you along the way! Love!

Amanda said...

Kylee, love.

Do it. Follow your heart. Go with your gut. Pursue the passion that HE has placed with in you.

You're going to be super!

Sunshine Blossoms said...

Girl, you're awesome. If you are passionate about something and talented (which it looks like you are definitely talented), sincerely pray about it, and if that desire is still there -- go for it! After that, if you're still unsure of taking that jump - you can be sure that it's just the devil trying to deceive you because he knows God is about to do something awesome.

Lover of Dance xox' said...

Wow! I love your newspaper kind of design thing! I would totally sign up for it and it's so pretty. Well done and maybe you should have more self belief? I mean you are outstanding, your blog is awesome, you are very beautiful in your own way and you are succeeding in life! Maybe you haven't noticed yet?? :)
But maybe it's time you should? xox

Allison said...

You have more talent that you give yourself credit for. I'm pretty sure you had my Jesus button done in like 2.2 seconds and it is amazing. If this is on your heart, go for it!

Liesl said...

I can relate so much to trying to find a purpose and following something you love and I happen to have that perfectionist gene as well and do design and layouts on the side...I totally relate to you! Always remember that you are good enough and follow what it is your heart tell you is right! I happen to think you are wonderful! :)

Liesl :)